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Drawn for friends, for fun.


Some Toph and her daughters! Inspired by Makani beautiful sketches!!

❝ ❤ - A heartfelt text ❞

[Text]: I don’t care what my sister said earlier, I do care about you and I’m /not/ just using you to distract myself from my crappy life.

[Text]: Well, my life is crappy, but you’re not, okay? You’re the best part about it probably and she can say whatever she wants, but she can’t take that away from me, and I’m not going to let her scare you away

[Text]: Don’t let her get into your head, you’re worth everything in the world

[Text]: Every argument in the world couldn’t keep me from you, so don’t you forget it.

[Text]: Or I’ll kick your ass until it’s engraved into your thick head.

[Text]: I love you, idiot

❝ ☾ - A bedtime text ❞

[Text]: Had fun tonight. Well, as fun as dinner parties can be. Sorry about spilling water on your pants.

[Text]: Maybe we can hang out next weekend too?

[Text]: …I mean, If you want to.

❝ There's a site a tumblr user made called rpthreadtracker (Basically the first result in google if you type it in) and besides the occasional glitch (aka; last poster not found) its easy to use. The only major issue was a name change since it originally was 'tumblrthreadtracker' and tumblr staff complained. ❞


Posting this for those who need it.

Thanks for the advice, friend.


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if AVPM’s Draco isn’t the full spectrum of roleplayer emotions I don’t know what is, like—-


refusing to do drafts


when your favorite roleplayer comes online


finishing drafts


trying to explain your headcanons


and sudden feels.


I watched Frozen yesterday and remembered how this is my personal crackpairing to end all crackpairings. I regret nothing.


C’mere, you. <3

Because S2 Zutara is my weakness.

Azula + Character Tropes (x)